risen jeans | the Harley combo denim shorts


You won’t find a cooler pair of shorts out there than the Harley Combo Denim Shorts! Whether you’re hitting the beach or taking on the dance floor, these versatile denim shorts are sure to give you an ultra-stylish look. The Harley Combo gives you the best of both worlds with light and dark denim sections - mixing together for a fashionable two-tone look. These babies will add the perfect amount of quirkiness to your outfit that is sure to turn heads and make them laugh, too. Plus, they're ultra comfortable due to the lightweight denim material. 
  • kendra is in size medium and is 5'9"
  • kendra tts 7/9 in bottoms and m/l in tops
  • if between we suggest sizing up
  • they do have stretch!
  • rise 11", inseam 3.5" in size small
  • 95% cotton, 3.5% rayon and 1.5% spandex
  • high rise!
  • sloan can get the xl up and on but not buttoned :)

SMALL - 1/3
MEDIUM - 5/7
LARGE - 9/11
XL - 13/15